New Spotify podcast!

New Spotify podcast featuring story's of unity and solidarity.

Hi. My name Is Zak Issic, I am the C E O and founder of solidarity stones. It is an organization devoted to helping people show solidarity, and unity with people across the globe. In this podcast I will show case story's of unbelievable unity, and inspiration. In this first episode I will provide a backround for the solidarity stone organization, how it came to be, its goals, and its primary wear a stone initiative.

Solidarity stones was founded during the covid-19 pandemic when we were all locked in our own homes, apart, it was a time of terrible devision, the world, united by crisis yet torn apart by borders, and in the midst of it all someone, had an idea of unity. what if there was a way to unite us all, to breach the walls that divide us. it was at this moment that the wear a stone movement was born! We thought, what if we could bring together stones from around the world. Stones from places like Myanmar. a country racked by civil war. from places like the D R C in Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world. If we could wear a gem from places like these, what better show of unity could there be. It is for this reason that our primary focus is on providing jewellery, with gemstone beads sourced from regions around the world, facing crisis. be it. economic, political, environmental, or otherwise. so that everyone can show they care, all under the banner of wear a stone, unite the world. these stone's can be purchased on our web site

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